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Whatever happened to Bug Juice? Did they just stop filming it? I only spent one summer at camp, but it was great, so I loved watching that show.
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Yea.. Brush Ranch was the last season. It is just like that... 3 seasons (65 or something episodes) "rule" on disney, is what i've heard. but I LOVEDDD THAT SHOW. wazi has some HOTTT guys. and then i really didn't like highlander (wasn't that it)? and brush ranch was good. woo.
Well pooh.. and stupid rule. I loved the first one
yeah Ive heard about that rule, also and it makes me soo mad/sad!! Bug Juice 3 was my most favorite show and it still is!! I think its stupid to stop a show after 65 episodes, especially when its doing so well!! I think they should do a marathon and show all the bug juices!! I never watched season 1.. I watched season 2 a few times and I was obsessed with season 3!! hehe!! Bryan was sooo hot!! Im glad to know that people still remember the show!! bye bye!!
omg i love tht show and i hope that it comes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!