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[08 Oct 2006|03:59pm]

I'm feeling nostalgic... and I was hoping someone would know where I could get Season One and/or Two online? I thought perhaps someone might have uploaded bother seasons. If you could let me know it would be very much appreiciated!
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24 Zoog Disney commercials on YouTube [19 Aug 2006|08:46pm]

I just added 24 videos to YouTube from 2001, the Zoog Disney era. Here's the complete list of links split up by category.Collapse )

If you would like downloadable versions of any of these, let me know a.s.a.p. because I will be removing the original files from my computer shortly.


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Brenda Song. [04 Dec 2005|10:30pm]

I made some BRENDA SONG icons over at prettylikepills. Heres a teaser.

And if you missed it, there's some Ashley Tisdale icons there, too.
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Ashley Tisdale [04 Dec 2005|09:22pm]

I made fifteen Ashley Tisdale icons over at prettylikepills. Check them out! Here's a teaser.

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[29 Nov 2005|11:11pm]

I've revived the Brutally Honest Meme that barat had done. The new one can be found HERE! Please make this a success!!

If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it!! :)
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[24 Feb 2005|10:20pm]


Hi, I just joined this community and it looks like it will be really fun!! =D!!! This community looks like it will be great!!

Now, so my first post is something more than my nervous introductory post and actually serves a purpose, I found out that we have a chance to get the show "So Weird" on DVD. This also goes along with the last post, but, in this case, I guess you should sign the petition and then Fifan can maybe submit it to the website...or not....whatever Fifan wishes to do....


So far this series [So Wierd]  has not been released on DVD in North America (US and Canada). If you'd like to request it, try this great site TVShowsOnDVD.com."

Taken from http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-730/So_Weird/

So, I figured if all the fans got together and at least once submitted something at some point, we might have a chance!! I don't want to pressure you to do this and if someone recently did something like this and everyone is just rolling their eyes and saying "Oh dear...not ANOTHER one..." than I can definatley understand that. Just do it if you want to, like I said, no pressure, do what you wish with the information. But I'm just happy to now be a part of this community!! :D!!!

(Cross Posted to: conradshideout, disney_dorks, lifes_so_weird, so_weird, zoogers)</span></span></span></span>

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[01 Nov 2004|08:18pm]


Please join disneyoriginal_ because it's awesome.

No really, please become a member of this little community if you love DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIES in particular.


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[05 Sep 2004|01:16pm]

Who else thinks that since they have Magnet-tude, they should of brought back the Zoogs, instead? :D

Also, is anyone else pumped for Halloweentown High?
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[22 Jul 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Wow, I just found this community... I *LOVE* Zoog disney and all the old classics. <3So Weird. Yeah, I know I'm a dork but it brings back so many memories...

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[20 Jul 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey, my name is terri. i just decided to join this community because i used to love zoog disney. Im also here to meet new people! Add me? Ill add you back.
kthx. <333

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[04 Jul 2004|03:07pm]

Hey! I made a community for people who especially love Bug Juice 3... its called~ bugjuice3! You can chat about anything dealing with bug juice 3, so please join! Hope to see you there!!!! Thanks!

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[21 Jun 2004|08:39pm]
What ever happened to "Zoog" Disney, and the Zoogs?

And somebody please tell me why Jen & Eve were kicked out? I forgot.
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[20 Jun 2004|11:07am]
I saw last night on Disney that they're bringing back BUG JUICE. Something like.. our summer at camp.

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[27 May 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]

this community is dead.. but who cares, i'm posting anyway!! it's the only disney channel community i could find.... yea.

who else is excited about ZENON: Z3?

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[09 Mar 2004|03:33pm]

any of you know where i can buy a lizzie mcguire shirt? any websites or actual stores that you may know of?
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(x-posted) [03 Jan 2004|03:05am]
i'm so glad there are more people completely obsessed with disney... anyways.. i foudn this community and it's completely dead by at least a year, let's bring it back:


you know you want to join. bug juice owns you.
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[22 Sep 2003|03:47pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey everyone.

This is so great.

Anyways, I was home sick today, so I popped in my Zenon the Zequal tape, and when it was over, I decided to fast forward to see if I had stopped the tape after that. Well, then came on Phantom of the Megaplex, so when that I was over, I decided to do the same thing.



Bug Juice 3 came on. It was the one with Brandons birthday, and they threw him in the pond. Ha. Rad. It made me want more, but I couldn't. :[

Now, the tapes on pause, but So Weird and In A Heartbeat are on next. I should check my other disney tapes. :]. You never know what you'll find.

OH YEAH. The tapes are from before Tru Confessions came out, because they'res like, a zillion commercials for it coming on. Eee.

*huggles the community*

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Hiya! [08 Sep 2003|03:30pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm new here, big fan of Disney - HUGE fan of Christy Romano, Even Stevens and Kim Possible.
I loved "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" and I watch that show also.
I've started a Kim Possible Fans community, you can join it by clicking kp_rocks.


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? [08 Aug 2003|10:40pm]
Whatever happened to Bug Juice? Did they just stop filming it? I only spent one summer at camp, but it was great, so I loved watching that show.
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Even Stevens Movie! [15 Jun 2003|11:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So what did you all think of it?

i really enjoyed it and i guess because i was very bored i watched the reruns all this weekend...

it very funny and shia of course did look great [thumbs up]

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